Fresh start!

I am not new to blogging. I’ve been blogging over 5 years now. In fact, this very blog had 100s of post. I had been moving between wordpress & blogger for quite sometime. I still have blogs in blogger & tumblr.

I’ve decided to clean up the content in this blog and give it a fresh start! I’ve decided to have this blog for all my non-personal musings, thoughts & insights, where as leave my personal entries in mohasinz<dot>blogspot<dot>in

I am hoping to get in touch with  by writing going forward (btw, I havent kept count of the fresh starts ;P, nevertheless I am not giving up). There is some kind of pleasure and a feeling of connectedness with my higher self that I feel every time I start writing. In fact, when I read some of my old posts, it was hard to believe that it was me – its read so different and at the same time it was reading like someone’s professional blog. It felt good!

So, here I am and here I will be.. I hope so!