MohasinHi There!! My name is Mohasin and hope you enjoyed reading my blog. You probably ended up here either because you liked my blog or you did not. Either ways I appreciate you having taken time to come until here.

So what do I blog about… Well, when I started this blog I had no theme or topic in mind. I thought I would let my thoughts decide as to what I really want to write. I am still in this journey of discovering myself and a result you will see a lot of self-reflection and musings here.

You can contact me at mohasin-dot-zaki-at-gmail-dot-com. You can also follow me on twitter.com/mohasin



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  1. hi
    iam rajasekhar reddy from bapatla,andhrapradesh.iam doing my final b-tech(civil) at bec ,bapatla in A.P.my aim is to become an I.A.S.
    MY E-MAIL IS:raja_kandukur@yahoo.com

    PLEASE INTRODUCE SOME SUCCESSFUL PERSONS IN CIVILS. and introduce ur friends setteled in different fields.
    iam interested in to make friend ship .

    please be in touch

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